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So, all my friends that I had for so many years are gone.This might be to do with storage limitation but unexceptionable. In 2005, it was 1 of my fav sites to go to in High School. 8 years ago, it still was a good site to meet people with a lot of add-ons including groups.They often claim to be in a European country, but make up some excuse to be in Africa.

When talking to a European one on SKYPE, say to them, "why does my browser say you're on the African continent", they often quickly vanish.

Most of the women are fat as hell and if they're not they act like entitled princesses.

I'd rather masturbate and do my own thing then mess with any of these so called women. Its based off of photos, and if you're attractive you get people from all over the world hitting you up, asking for your personal info.

its a great website for thirsty dehydrated people of sexual cravings. Now if in time I really like a person, i will go on to whatsap, viber or skype and video chat there The pet gameis fun.

The worst women in the world all seem to gather on this site.

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