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READ MORE Having your first threesome can either be a big cause of excitement or a big cause of apprehension.A lot of first-timers find it hard to initiate a threesome and even more difficult to ask others questions on how…In these situations, there is generally no homosexual contact between the two parties of the same sex.However, threesome experiences can lead to unpredictable situations, and one never knows for certain where things may lead!Bored Housewife I don’t know what it was that night that drove me to what I did. Whatever the catalyst, when Barrett got up and walked out of the assembly hall, I told my husband that I needed a cigarette and gave chase.

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“Yes you do, now shut up before you get us caught.” I whispered, though the thought of being discovered excited me just as much as the thought of Barrett’s big black cock. “And it’s Becky to you, big boy.” I added with a smirk. I stroked it gently at first, watching it grow and stiffen in the yellow glow of the outdoor lighting.There tend to be quite a number of acronyms tossed around in the swinging lifestyle…ones that often confuse both novices and experienced swingers. This isn’t surprising because most three letter acronyms seen in lifestyle ads are specific to a ‘type’ of partner being sought or one specifying their body type. MMF and FFM in the Swinging Lifestyle MMF means ‘male, male, female’ and FFM means ‘female, female, male.’ These types of threesomes involve intimate engagement between the two same sex parties in the group in addition to the third participant.MMF, FFM, MFM and FMF however, refer to gender preferences concerning a specific type of threesome. Hence, MMF would be two men getting it on with a female, while also tending to one another.Obviously, there is the promiscuous individual who is basically searching for that infrequent energy of a threesome.Benefits for ladies Achieving a Fantasy If you have ever fantasized about being sleeping with various partners, taking part in a threesome will help you experience your dreams and experience new ones.

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