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They won't regret getting a Daisy Rock guitar!

"I am thrilled to be a part of the Daisy Rock Artist community.

My Daisy Rock guitar goes everywhere with me--from the stage, to the beach, to singing in my room.

I love its tone, the fact that the fretboard fits my hand with their "Slim & Narrow" design, and its beautiful color."At last, there is a 32" scale bass (Daisy Rock's, Stardust Elite) that not only possesses a slim neck, but is lightweight making it easy to rock out on stage..... Well done Daisy Rock."Daisy Rock helps make Gur L's ROCK out in style!

The thing I like so much about the Daisy Rock family is that they are a guitar company built around encouraging women and girls of all ages to shred with the best of 'em.

I wish I had something like this as a young player, but now as a Daisy Rock artist, it's great to have the opportunity to inspire other girls to follow their rock'n'roll dreams.""We love our Daisy Rock guitars.

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Thanks Daisy Rocks I absolutely love my Daisyrock bass and I play it pretty much exclusively both with Rachel Stamp and on the session dates I do with Livan, Eric Faulkner (Bay City Rollers) and Adam Ant.I had always heard that Daisy Rock made the best guitars for woman- not only because of their stellar craftsmanship and variety of styles but specifically because of their slim easy necks which make it easy for your hands to move around.They say don't judge a book by it's cover but with the Daisy rock guitars you can!The sound, look & feel of my Butterfly Bubinga inspires me every time I pick it up to write a song or perform!I am proud to be a Daisy Rock artist & appreciate the continued opportunities and exposure you provide for us WO MEN!

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