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We do not sell, collect or share information or data for the purposes of targeted advertising.Our registration process is simple, and it's our own.In the real world (as opposed to the online/virtual world) we believe that the best way to meet someone is by being introduced by a friend or third party.As this is not possible here online, we believe that introducing yourself using 5050's Intro is the next best option.

Ask the tuff questions about their personality what they do for a living and where they see their future.

So what’s 'fairer for everyone' about 5050?

It’s the guiding principle behind our name - going 50/50 in a 'no strings attached you pay for yours and I'll pay for mine' coffee.

The information you provide when you register is used only for the sole purpose of providing a better dating service.

We like the idea of you being in control of your own information, not us.

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