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Most of my long term friends are used to this and even if they don’t totally understand they leave me alone about it.

But I feel like every time I meet someone new I have to go through a song and dance routine to convince them that no, really, I don’t celebrate Christmas NO REALLY I DON’T WANT TO.

For example, someone I don’t know (because I literally just started this job a week ago) left an admittedly very cute little jar of hot chocolate with a “merry christmas” note attached to it in my work mailbox (she gave one to everyone, it’s not just me). Since you’re new to the company and mostly asking about work, for me, this is one of those “do you want to change hearts and minds or do you want to get out of the interactions as quickly as possible” decisions. If you wanted to say a verbal “” That person will know the office lore and can also be your ambassador with others. If you say “thanks so much for thinking of me but I’m Jewish so nope,” most actually-well-intentioned people will understand that the social circuit has been completed and they will back off.

Having brand new coworker dynamics to navigate just makes things more confusing. Idk how to handle this at work especially where I’m worried my preexisting annoyance will come across as hostility or ingratitude to people I’ve just met but would like to develop at least an amiable working relationship with. Bad news: The good people of your Midwestern homeland are probably gonna keep inviting you to Christmas/”holiday” shit literally forever. Right now it’s like every Geek Social Fallacy mated with the Spirit of Christmas and then they high-fived the Invisible Hand, and anyone who isn’t psyched about this time of year is made to feel like they are broken somehow. It’s just…It’s just the quickest way.) You don’t owe your coworker a note or a return present in exchange for the hot chocolate at work.

If you want to patiently and sincerely explain that #Not All Christmas Lovers are like that and you would never, ever do this to a Jewish coworker, this is definitely a day to practice being quiet.

If you’re not like that, then keep doing what you’re doing – you don’t need to justify it to us!

Man's time for you will cease "in the twinkling of an eye." Your sins for which you must account to God and your opportunities to serve the Master will be instantly sealed. Are you, your family, and your neighbors ready for the return of Jesus? Is this a good time to start working for the Kingdom?

God's clock is ticking second by second toward your encounter with Him, and this encounter may be very soon.

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