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This comprehensive care would begin in our very early years, conceivably from conception, involving a system focused on the healthy . As we know, there is no such mainstream medicine system regimen focused from conception, or at anytime for that matter, specifically on the health of our cells.This effective healthcare system would begin before we were born with our pregnant mothers commencing a comprehensive regimen of specific nutrient-targeting to ensure the perfect cellular development of a healthy newborn infant. Therefore, there is no specific system of the system currently in use designed to accomplish?The language our cells utilize to communicate with each other and the immune system is What is going on in our healthcare industry today?Are the large pharmaceutical corporations truly interested in finding cures for disease? As a physician using natural means to treat my patients, I have been able to focus my attention on natural and safe alternatives to drugs.The engine would experience damage and ultimately fail because the fuel utilized was “low-grade” or “inadequate” to meet the demands of the engine’s functions and design.Although many of us are not familiar with the internal workings of a combustion engine and may think of it as complex, in reality, it is a crude and simplistic invention in comparison to the intricate design of the human body, and in particular, the human cell.Is the pharmaceutical industry, whose profits are based on large segments of the population suffering from major illnesses, interested in eliminating their customer base? The economically lucrative drugs that are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) at enormous expense, and many of which are eventually pulled off the market due to adverse reactions, are designed to alleviate symptoms, but rarely, if ever, address the cause of the disease.

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We all understand what would happen if we put gasoline into the fuel tank of a car with a diesel engine, or vice versa.Has the anti-aging secret been uncovered and then concealed in the name of power, profit, and control? The fact is, the cure for most diseases, and the perfect solution to prevention, health, healing, beauty, and anti-aging is already known and available. It is located within each and every one of our cells.It involves perfect cellular health, unrestricted cellular communication, and subsequently, uninhibited/unaltered DNA replication.For example, when we experience an ache or pain to the point that it becomes bothersome or unbearable, we make an appointment with our doctor to have a “ Our doctor diagnoses (an industry estimated 50% of the time with accuracy) our condition through the various clues of our symptoms and most often prescribes a pharmaceutical medication designed to address those symptoms.Fifty percent of the time it will be the drug The drug industry contributes heavily to political campaigns which places tremendous pressure on our “representatives” to maintain the status quo of The System.

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