Accommodating the allergic employee in ontario

The lawyers at Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP have experience in drafting fragrance-free workplace policies and can assist with implementing the policies to ensure that employees with scent sensitivities are accommodated properly.Please Note: This blog has been prepared as an informational service for our clients and other interested parties.“They say, “I’ve put the posters up, the company has sent out e-mails and communications about it, and people are still wearing perfume,’” he says.There is such a wide gulf between companies that accommodate and those that won’t, or where fellow employees won’t comply, that it can be hard for the employee with asthma or severe environmental allergies to know what his or her rights are.

Unlawful discrimination does not occur where employers are unaware of an employee’s disability or the need for accommodation.The company cafeteria also has clear signs and menus to protect people with food allergies. Johnson a spot on many “top places to work” lists around the world.“We are 100 per cent behind our employees at all times,” says Leslie Duncan, a human resources manager with the Canadian division of the company. Unfortunately, the caring corporate culture is not universal.The first step for the employee is to talk to his or her union (if applicable) and manager to try to come up with a solution.But if that fails, the good news is, there is recourse.

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