Accomodating mental

Complimentarily, Aries lights the fire of initiative to overcome the sometimes inertial Taurus.

Leo encourages Taurus to bring its talents and accomplishments out into the world, while Sagittarius brings to this simple earth sign a sense of greater significance and meaning beyond personal security, productivity and pleasure.

Best with relationships that stimulate and excite, that allow personal freedom of expression and choice of ever new goals and activities, it prefers to share in action and adventure, and above all, to not get bogged down in the need for compromise.

Lacking that larger awareness of situational appropriateness, an important life lesson for Aries is to become more aware of the larger gestalt without losing its drive, enthusiasm and instinctual spontaneity, or becoming excessively self-conscious and self inhibiting.

With the Water signs, Taurus brings to maternal Cancer safe and secure emotional and domestic foundations; offers to emotional and intense Scorpio an anchor in the immediate here and now simplicity of nature; gives to Pisces a personal shape and container for its intangible, complex feelings and psychic impressions.

On the other hand, sensitive Cancer opens the sympathetic and nurturing feelings of matter-of-fact Taurus; powerful and passionate Scorpio can awaken complacent Taurus to hidden and repressed dimensions; Pisces can soften and release Taurus from its rather self enclosing boundaries.

Aries can inspire the often scattered Gemini to creative action; can teach the overly diplomatic Libra to be less accommodating and compromising; can help idealistic Aquarius get more in touch with its own instinctual needs and drives - independent of the group.

On the other hand, Gemini can awaken the thinking and verbal expression of the intuitive Aries; Libra can teach uncultivated Aries more social self restraint and an awareness of the other's needs, while Aquarius can open Aries beyond self centeredness to the larger social and cultural field within which it can usefully act.

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Scorpio can teach self restraint, inner depth and instinctual attunement to relationship's hidden undercurrents and subtleties; Pisces can awaken the 'river-pushing' Aries to an attunement to the Tao.In turn, Leo can teach impulsive and sometimes wasteful Aries a certain sustained and self controlled expression of creative energy, while Sagittarius can open Aries to a larger visionary picture.Aries with the air signs brings fire's intuitive vision, ardour and aspiration together with air's reason, social connectedness, and cool considered objectivity.With the Air signs, Taurus can help focus and stabilize the complicated and elusive Gemini; can ground the idealizing yet compromising Libra in the reality of its own needs and commitments to its own personal viewpoint; can remind the socially idealistic and active Aquarius that the head is needing to stay tuned to the body, with its natural instincts and desires.But Gemini can urge Taurus out of mental and communicational ruts.

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