Accuracy ultrasound dating conception

Therefore, measurements taken later on, when babies begin to grow at different rates among pregnancies, yield increasingly inaccurate dating of pregnancy.

With only a day difference between her having sex with you and then with the other guy- I believe your only sure bet is going to be a paternity test.

Women are actually pregnant for 10 months- not nine.

If you type the dates in the pregnancy calendar on this site, you will see what I mean:-) Good luck!

The doctor told her that her conception was 11/29/2011. i just want to know could the ultrasound predicting conception date be wrong, and is there a chance that i could be the father?

she's measuring 2 weeks behind, and the doctor move her due date back from 9/3/2012 to 9/17/2012 every since the second trimester.

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