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The faith in other Indie projects suffers as a result and Indie projects desperately need the support of the public.

It’s the difference between having the money to spend on the best talent you can possibly have versus people driven solely on their passion and desire to make a game on a constrained budget.

To help with the budget, instead of being paid hourly, which most programmers do, I decided to work with whatever budget Monique has and just complete tasks as needed for the project.

I really believe in her, this project, and the widely diverse community that we want to include in our game.

Most other farming games have Spring as their main season and color scheme, we wanted to be different and go with a Fall theme instead.[Monique]: The gameplay will be relaxing and will not force players to do one particular activity or the other.

After you have chosen a profession, such as farmer or chef, you can spend your game days however you wish.

What brought your group of people together to start Pumpkin Interactive and develop Pumpkin Online?In May 2014, she announced that she was separating from the professional athlete after five years of marriage.Then, this past March, the former couple's divorce was finalized. Roehrich, Manager of Editorial Services While perusing my Tumblr dashboard last Saturday afternoon, I came across a post about Pumpkin Online, an Indie game being developed by seven game designers.Frankly, I love all things pumpkin, so a game with pumpkin in the name grabbed my attention.

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