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However, Grimshaw admits the songs he was given to sing weren't always right for him: "I wanted to go out and sing stuff that wasn't relevant to a half past seven Saturday night audience of mums and kids." Talking about his debut album, which he wrote in just four weeks, he says: "I met Jared the producer in November and I'd broken up with someone and it was something I was thinking about a lot at the time…it's not a heartbreak album though, it's more what you think about when that's happening, not so much the breaking up with someone.As part of X Factor class of 2010, Grimshaw has watched as his fellow contestants One Direction have conquered the charts, the States and caused the sort of fan-crazed pandemonium last seen...the last time a band was compared with the Beatles.View All: Thursday 11th November 2010 X Factor finalists...Next The X Factor Slideshow: Treyc Cohen, the latest X Factor reject, at the Westgate Shopping centre for the Christmas lights switch on.

had such a haunting intensity that it saw him become the bookies' favourite to win at one point.

He wants the best for all the contestants and for there to be no distractions.” They continued: “They have become very close and he finds it easy to relax around her. It’s not like they can go out on dates but they have been caught cuddling and have shared a kiss or three.

They are both single so they don’t see any harm in this.” Sources have also suggested that Cardle is 'obsessed' with Grace and is spending a lot of time with the Dannii Minogue, claiming that she is doing a 'wonderful job' guiding himself, Paije Richardson and Aiden Grimshaw through the final shows.

"One minute I was working in Pizza Hut and the next minute I was famous, but as soon as it makes you a household face you're forgotten soon after.

I lost the hair and then I was just a normal guy again for a while, it was nice," he muses.

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