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Ooh she bop, she bops." TAINTED LOVE - SOFT CELL from the album SINGLES "Once I ran to you, now I run from you. Waking within the daze of passion." BONUS PERFUMES - SUPER LIMITED EDITION! This allows the Earth's atmosphere to filter out all of the color spectrum except red thus creating a red or blood like appearance of the moon.

This tainted love you've given, I gave you all a boy could give you. Tainted love, oh, tainted love." WITHIN A DAZE OF PASSION - KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION from the album STRANGE FREE WORLD "Tell me this is so easy inside your words and feelings. THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN - THE CURE from the album WISH (B SIDE) "No one will ever take your place I am lost in you No one will ever take your place So in love with you" SERAPHIM of SPIRIT - RESURRECTED FROM THE JULY 2014 SPIRITS OF ELEMENT RITUAL OILS by special request! This is when two full moons occur during the same month. The Super Moon aspect intensifies all lunar energies both physical and metaphysical, as it will be 30% larger than the size of the typical moon in the sky and it will also be 14% brighter. Historically, Blood Moons have caused much distress and fear.

The Spirit of the Element of Seraphim: akasha, the Void, outer space, starlight, rainbow, soul, angels, center, space-time, pure energy, bliss. It is so rare that it has been 150 years ago since this phenomenal event took place! The big whoop is that three rare and powerful lunar occasions will be happening simultaneously! This has always been a very sacred and powerful moon magickally as it increases lunar energy. We're going to use that fear of darkness and death to enter the realm of deep soul work.

I know that Super Blue Blood Moon is a lot to digest, so I will respectfully unpack this lunacy! Interestingly, it is also a time to connect with our literal blood - our menses (or lack thereof), our families and relatives, extending out to our communities - the people we hold deep in our heart. So now let's put it back together and we'll see just what Blue Blood Super Moon Ritual Elixir is designed to do.

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To equip our law enforcement, national security, and intelligence community partners with the criminal justice information they need to protect the United States while preserving civil liberties.In the summer of 1924, the FBI created an Identification Division (informally called “Ident” in the organization for many years to come) to gather prints from police agencies nationwide and to search them upon request for matches to criminals and crime evidence.The CJIS Division was established in February 1992 out of the former Identification Division to serve as the focal point and central repository for criminal justice information services in the FBI. Programs initially consolidated under the CJIS Division included the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), and Fingerprint Identification.In addition, responsibility for several ongoing technological initiatives was transferred to the CJIS Division, including the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), NCIC 2000, and the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).In January 1991, the FBI purchased 986 acres of land in Clarksburg, West Virginia on which to construct the home of the CJIS Division.

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