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The active site works like a lock and key, in that it fits with only one type of substrate, or 'key'.Once the two bond, the newly joined substance is known as an enzyme-substrate complex.Thus, substances with a higher concentration of hydrogen atoms than hydroxide molecules have a greater acidic 'power' and are known as acids.On the other hand, those with lower H concentrations and higher OH- concentrations have less acidic power and are known as bases.Another way to think about this interaction is like a chemical equation: Enzyme Substrate -- Enzyme Products where an enzyme plus a substrate creates the enzyme-substrate complex, which in turn creates the enzyme-products complex, which then releases the products and leaves the enzyme ready for a new reaction.You've likely heard of p H before, especially if your family has a fish tank or a pool.

Now that we get this idea of optimal p H, how does an unsuitable p H actually render the enzyme inactive?This new complex activates an energy change, transforming the substrate and yielding an enzyme-product complex.Now that the enzyme has finished its work, it releases the products and goes on to find a new substrate to bind with.Think back to the discussion of active sites: the enzyme binds with a substrate at an active site.However, the shape of that protein's active site is determined by the way in which the building blocks of that protein (the amino acids) interact with one another to shape that active site.

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