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When Axel wakes up in hospital, he is reluctant to tell the police anything and suspicion falls on Geoff and Aden.

Belle quickly works out Aden is responsible for Axel's attack after he shows his callous attitude, stating that Axel "got what he deserved".

Hayes told Jason Herbison from Inside Soap that "things are really awkward between Kirsty and Bartlett, because he's fallen for her in a big way, but she rejected him and is now dating Miles Copeland (Josh Quong Tart)." When he sacks Kirsty she takes a job as an escort.

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It's really humiliating for both of them, because Bartlett recently admitted to having feelings for Kirsty." She does not want to be there but Martin convinces her to stay.

The following is a list of characters that first appeared during 2008, by order of first appearance.

They were all introduced by series producer Cameron Welsh.

While Jai's basically okay, Axel's rushed into hospital in a serious condition." But the two characters are left unable to remember who knocked them over.

Lasance added that they do remember seeing a silver estate car, which makes him realise that his father was the perpetrator. Axel attends Nicole Franklin's (Tessa James) house party and makes advances towards on to Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) but is rejected.

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