Are anushka and ranbir kapoor dating

Janhvi came with her father Boney Kapoor and sister Khushi.

The ‘Dhadak’ actress donned a white top and faded denims while Sonam looked chic in a blue and white dress.

The ‘Barfi’ actor is not ready to confirm his relationship with Alia as the relationship is very new and he wants to give it some more time.

It is scheduled to kick off from 8.30 pm onwards on Tuesday, 26 December, at a swish five-star hotel.

While the couple had kept news of their upcoming nuptials under tight wraps, the media's interest was piqued when the Sharma and Kohli families were seen flying for Italy.

Maharaj Anant Baba, whose in Haridwar Anushka's family visits, also accompanied them to Europe.

Widely hailed as new age 'royalty', the couple did have their fair share of ups and downs, as Anushka was relentlessly trolled whenever there was a dip in Virat's on-field performance.

They were believed to have split up for a while in 2016, before finally getting back together.

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