Are dustin zito and heather marter still dating

We shared this odd bond and had weird experiences.” Those weird experiences included one cast member’s dramatic eviction out of the house, another’s equally dramatic entrance into the house, and a Vegas-style, mock wedding between Ross and roommate Naomi Defensor in the season finale.

“I knew that others were watching and I just prepared myself for anything,” says Mrs. “Some of the negative responses from people we didn’t know were hard to hear and read. When it was time to move out of the Hard Rock Hotel, Marter returned to New Jersey to complete her undergraduate degree and then filmed “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” with Zito last winter.

But in the end, both Marter’s family and friends were supportive of her being cast on “The Real World.” “I was really happy and excited for her,” says Lauryn Kinsella, Marter’s ‘Big Sister’ during their sorority days at Monmouth.

“But I wasn’t shocked because I knew they would love her.

But I became more reliable on myself.” Marter was a junior at Monmouth when she saw a flyer for an open-call in Philadelphia for “The Real World.” “I wanted to be a casting director and I never actually thought about getting on the show,” says Marter.

“I went for the career possibility, but it snowballed, and soon I made an audition tape.” The tape, filmed by one of her Delta Phi Epsilon sorority sisters, featured Marter walking around campus.

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