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If you (or your spouse) are still working at 65 or beyond and are covered by an employer health plan, consider signing up for free Medicare Part A.It can cover the portions of the hospital bills that your employer plan doesn't pay once you've met the Medicare deductibles.

And there’s a pitfall inherent in that rule that you need to be aware of.If you reach your full Social Security retirement age, say 66, and are still working, you have another option.You can augment your salary by filing for your full Social Security retirement benefit (at that age, payments are not reduced for people with earnings).When you finally sign up for Social Security retirement benefits—probably when you’re on the point of retirement—and if you’re already at least six months beyond your full retirement age (currently 66)—Social Security will give you six months of “back pay” in retirement benefits.It’s a generous gesture, but it means that your enrollment in Part A will also be backdated by six months.

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