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Faddish reporting in the 1980s confidently predicted the rigid, ruthless traditionalism of the Japanese would soon lead them to surpass the economic might of the Americans.

Yet the reverse has proven true, with staid business practices holding back the potential of an otherwise energetic people.

Previewed: Blinx 2, Pirates, atchet & Clank 3, Golden Eye, Ghost Recon 2, Mercenaries, Snowblind, Splinter Cell 3 Reviewed: Pikmin 2, Evil Genius, Pro Evolution Soccer 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Out Run 2, Demon Stone, Rocky Legends Tokyo Game Show Who will save Japan's declining games market? - - 1 november the look at the size of that thing' issue _&*.

Beyond Borders Sometimes, all you have to do is offer the public something new.

The only explanation is that the Japanese are tiring of some of the more baroque aspects of their gaming culture. they're tiring of the poor variety and high prices borne of their protectionist market.

RPGs mired in pointlessly complex statistics, unwieldy and uninspiring action games, the same old dating sim cliches. The Japanese public demands quality, and unable to get it from local content, they're beginning to resort to the unthinkable: imports from abroad.

Going in with all guns blazing is no way to sell your product to the traditional or the cautious.

Subtlety and cultural sensitivity is; softly softly, selly gamey.

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