Bonnie hunt dating tom welling

Age: 20 Known as the black sheep of the Baker family, it seems actor Forrest Landis has completely moved on from Hollywood. Baker look like now: Besides "Cheaper by the Dozen," Hunt has starred in a number of films and TV shows, including "Life with Bonnie" and "The Bonnie Hunt Show." And just for added bonus, remember when Ashton Kutcher played Hank, Nora's boyfriend?!In the 00s, Landis appeared in a number of minor roles in film and TV, but stopped completely after 2008. Brent and Shane Kinsman were just six years old when they starred as the youngest siblings in "Cheaper by the Dozen." They then starred as the Scavo twins in "Desperate Housewives" for seven years before appearing in an episode of "ER." Now that we know what the kids are up to, what ever happened to the parents? Kutcher, 36, is now a proud papa to a baby girl named Wyatt Isabelle.Unfortunately, it might have not been the audience.Having missed it on the big screen, I caught CHEAPER 2 on TV and, since I wasn't really anticipating anything (a sequel to CHEAPER is nothing big to get excited about).

So on goes a series of challenges and competitions they go through, fighting for who gets the better summer this year.

Believe it or not, it's been 12 years since "Cheaper by the Dozen" was released in theatres.

Over that time, the cast of 12 crazy kids have grown up to have successful careers and even have kids of their own! Let's take a look at the cast and where they are now.

This is CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2, and if I was wrong about the first film, I was more wrong to think this one will be better.

In this sequel, the family that couldn't get along leaves all their indifference behind a long time ago. While going on a camping vacation (as usual, they have to live inside a rotten, old cabin), they get into some competition with dad Tom Baker's (Martin) old rival Jimmy Murtaugh (Levy) and his family, composed of sexy wife Sarina (Electra) and eight children.

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