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This cam is a great match for riders of heavy Touring bikes looking for big torque at the low end.

Just a quick downshift to fourth gear results in an effortless pass of that slow moving tractor-trailer ahead of you.

Simulation of machine time to aid in the calculation of costs etc. We will provide you with a full sharp license for free as long as you keep coming back to our site once in a while, fair enough?

Generate decorative gears Text from any vector font (Open Type, most Windows fonts, etc) Simple pocketing operations (circles, rectangles) Geometry mode builds more advanced shapes from line and arc segments Arc segments are drawn endpoints-first for easy freehand use Tool path generation inside/outside geometry by tool radius Unlimited layers Unlimited tool definitions Define components and reuse them in your design Can show the Sherline mill table and tooling plate as references The display uses the actual NC code, so you get what's on the screen This project is BSD licensed.

The EMC2 team now has a brand new custom Live-CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 with emc 2.2.x included, that will let you try out EMC2 before installing, and it's also the easiest way to install Ubuntu and EMC2 together.

A unique combination of lift, cam lobe duration and an enhanced cam profile ramp provides a performance boost you can feel. hi, the dyno chart say's 103HO, but it the chart for the 103 only.

For use on ’14-’16 Touring models with the use of a 58mm Throttle Body. Look at this link to the other Harley chart that shows 103HO stage 1. I've run just about every cam in the post 09 touring bikes. I've now built on the 585s with a 58mm throttle body, high flow injectors, lifters, springs, intake and polished and ported heads. If you're not running your bike past the 5500 rpm range regularly then the SE-585 in my opinion is the best heavy touring cam yet. These will require a new valve spring kit, just so you are aware.

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