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Diving at Raffles Lighthouse is absolutely wonderful!

You SEE the eggs, you SEE IT, but it takes SOOO damn LOONNGG for it to get pushed out.

I didn't see much on April Fool's night...nothing much at all.......................................

Oquendo’s mom, Vanessa Fontaine, “Is still hopeful that it is not Avonte,” said lawyer David Perecman.“She is not convinced that it is her son.” Fontaine got the news at 2 a.m.

I did go home, and treated my bloody pussy wound..a much less painful, and more effective way.

I think spawning Acroporas is analogous with constipation, gross but true.

Also, Jeff told me stories of waves crashing above the breakwaters of Raffles Lightouse and washing gear and equipment away, so I was really expecting the worst.

James' papers got wet wet wet in his leaky flattened tent.

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