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Because this is a dating show with a difference – as there’s more to it than simply sending the couples out and hoping they get along. There’s just one catch though – beforehand the couples undergo ‘amnesia hypnosis’ to make them forget about one another – and then they’re sent out on three dates, one of which is with their partner (who they then treat as though they’ve never met before).

All of which beggars the question – will they find they have more chemistry with one of their other dates or will they fall for their other half all over again?

Get the fuck outta here #Hello Stranger— Nathan (@itsmenathanj1) June 5, 2018 Lucy said that every time she tried to remember George when she believed she was single, she experienced a mental block like when you can’t remember a dream you had.

You can watch their testimony here, and you can watch the show on All 4, if you want to make your own mind up.

Shares How He Came Out As Gay With Parents Coming out as a gay is not always "I was dating a guy.

Gok Wan dating history, list of Gok Wan relationships.

In the new age of technological and social efficiency, Channel 4's looking to cut out a few major steps in the dating process: get naked first, actually learn about each other's personalities second.

They're introducing The show sees both a single man and a single woman each presented with six potential dates to choose from, all standing before them entirely in the nude; with the chosen couples then heading off on a date to see if those initial instincts turn out to be correct.

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Gok Wan, 40, has been making women proud their bodies for years.In this new show, hypnotist Aaron Calvert promises that he can take a couple who have been together for years, and make them forget each other so that they can fall in love all over again.Their memories of each other were then apparently removed, before they were sent on dates with two strangers and a third date with their real partner to see if they could fall in love again.Then, the hypnotist convinced each of them that they had just met him and Channel 4′s camera crew ahead of a dating show they were taking part in.So they take the photos of them away so as to not trigger any memories but then send them on a date together as if that ain't gonna trigger shit.

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