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It is often incorporated into a worker’s duty statement or job description.All organisations should have written policy and procedures, and staff training in the following areas: For instance, the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (providing accommodation support for homeless people) outlines its policy in the Case Management Resource Kit for SAAP Services, 1997.In this learning topic we are focussing on the second type of policy (organisational policy) but you still need to understand the impact of broader government policy on the development of organisational policy.The other primary influences on policy are: Forms are also a part of the policy and procedures manual Following is an example of a policy and procedures manual from the Carmen Poldis Community Centre.Quality of service delivery is dependent on the responsibility of both the organisation and the worker in following the policies that guide service delivery.

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To ensure that you are always working within policy and procedures, you need to: Julie is a disability worker in a respite care facility for young people with a disability. Julie has been busy since starting the job and hasn’t had a chance to learn about the organisation’s policy and procedures.

Always use your job or position description (discussed earlier) as a point of reference.

By clarifying confusion promptly, you may gain a better understanding of what your responsibilities are and how they relate to your colleagues’ responsibilities.

There will be times (hopefully not often) when you are unsure about what is expected of you in the workplace.

Sometimes, organisations are not well resourced in terms of staff and basic orientation for new workers is hurried and incomplete (called ‘being thrown in at the deep end’).

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