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The Monkey Bar patio is even more appealing at night, making it a quiet, secluded area perfect for date night. Those over-sized mirrors are going to make you very popular.Why does SLS Las Vegas use monkeys in its logo and decor, you ask?So, now you know more than most people about SLS Las Vegas.Please share if you stumble onto any other surprises at the newest hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.Connections Connect DAVID hardware components to PC.Now that SLS Las Vegas, formerly the Sahara, has officially opened its doors and some of the dust has settled, we can finally start poking around for some inside scoop. Hidden Sex Shop SLS Las Vegas is home to eight boutiques under the Fred Segal umbrella.We have the following adult chatrooms to choose from above: Adobe Flash based with webcam/video and audio/voice enabled.Enter your nickname in the field below and click connect.

The music is set at a perfect level, the drinks are reasonably-priced, and the couches are comfy as hell.The company says it’s because monkeys are mischievous and intelligent, attributes SLS would love to have associated with its hotel and casino. Cleopatra Cleo is the Mediterranean restaurant at SLS, and the entrance sports a photo of Cleopatra. Private Dining Room at Bazaar Meat Fans of the former Sahara will get a kick out of this item.Wikipedia says Cunmulaj speaks fluent Albanian, although it makes no mention of when she might have lived in upstate New York. If you make your way to the back of Bazaar Meat, you’ll find a private dining room, the Silver Room.To get the most from this video segment, view it from just inside the casino’s main entrance, the one with the lighted floor and mirrored ceiling.From the right position, the computer-generated face springs to life and seems to emerge from the video screen. The thing most people don’t know about Monkey Bar is there’s more of it, outside.

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