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I guessed she was telling them, unless they bucked their ideas up, they would be getting far more than a single stroke. No one, it seemed, apart from myself, had taken the slightest notice of the incident. She was bowing again and about to go when I checked her.“There’s ice in my Tomato Juice,” I said.

Another ‘waitress’ slave approached, carrying some leaflets. I picked it up and read: MISS BIANCA WISHES TO WELCOME ALL NEWLY-ARRIVED GUESTS MOST WARMLY.THEY ARE INVITED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL FACILITIES AVAILABLE.THESE INCLUDE A SWIMMING POOL, TENNIS COURTS AND A CROQUET LAWN. TRAINING IS GIVEN AND PUNISHMENT ADMINISTERED IN THE SLAVE QUARTERS. Miss Ramon led off the girls, chain clinking, and I followed. I wondered how that youngster must have beenfeeling.Naked slaves flitted to and fro, bearing trays and glasses. Three couples, some half a dozen men on their own, either middle-aged or elderly.These ‘waitress’ slaves were garbed as I remembered before. Two naked slaves were scrubbing the wide steps that led down to the rolling lawns beyond.

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