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So for the second relationship I set up the boundary that we would only kiss standing up (like a kiss good night).Despite being far less affectionate physically, I had just as much fun with this second girlfriend as a I had with the first.Because I didn’t have clear boundaries, my girlfriend and I hung out in ways that caused our physical attraction for each other to heat up way too quickly.

After my first breakup the sudden lack of physical touch was hard for me to cope with and there was a desire to seek that fulfillment in wrong places.

Although I was pretty confident that Sky was the one even early in the relationship, my preference was that if we were to breakup that there wouldn’t be that physical tie between each other. My desire was to honor Sky as an unmarried woman while I was dating her, treating her in a way that wouldn’t evoke jealousy in her future husband or cause regret for her.

Because we didn’t kiss while we were dating, our time together was really sweet and we grew closer quickly.

We were able to have fun doing different activities together and have great talks together.

Sexual temptation didn’t cloud our budding romance.

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