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When Dylan gets dragged along on their date he takes a shine to mature student Anna (Nikki Amuka-Bird).To Luke's dismay, Dylan invites the girls over for a proper dinner party where he hopes to impress.The episode flashes back and forth between the present and the previous night where Angus is celebrating his divorce.During the celebration, Abigail learns that Dylan has slept with Evie.He casts his mind back three years ago to Abigail (Hannah Britland), the first girl on his alphabetical list of exes, whom he met at Angus's (Joshua Mc Guire) wedding.

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Meanwhile, Evie struggles with her feelings after Mal's parents inform her that the wedding won't be in her preferred location.

In a flashback to four years ago, Dylan has been seeing Bethany (Rosalie Craig) for several months, but when she invites her protective big brother over to dinner a terrifying thought occurs to him that he has fallen into a serious relationship with her.

Meanwhile, Luke drags Evie away from a photo assignment to a work bowling night in order to find out why his new boss Diana (Clare Wille) has turned all the women in the office against him.

Dylan attended the wedding with Jane, who breaks up with him.

In a flashback to 18 months ago, Luke (Daniel Ings) is enjoying the best sex of his life with psychology student Cleo (Riann Steele), but he's keen to avoid deep conversation in case she realises that he is actually quite shallow.

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