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NET Framework, through configuration files, gives developers and administrators control and flexibility over the way applications run.Configuration files are XML files that can be changed as needed.For more information about how the common language runtime uses the machine configuration file for assembly binding, see How the Runtime Locates Assemblies.An application configuration file contains settings that are specific to an app.For server processes and operating-system settings, there is often no standard tool, but operating systems may provide their own graphical interfaces such as Ya ST or debconf.Some computer programs only read their configuration files at startup.There are no definitive standards or strong conventions.

Within a configuration file, you use tags to mark the beginning and end of an element. As with all XML files, the syntax in configuration files is case-sensitive.

For example, if you have a third-party component that both your client and server application uses, it is easier to put the settings for that component in one place.

In this case, the machine configuration file is the appropriate place for the settings, so you don't have the same settings in two different files.

An administrator can control which protected resources an application can access, which versions of assemblies an application will use, and where remote applications and objects are located.

Developers can put settings in configuration files, eliminating the need to recompile an application every time a setting changes.

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