Consolidating two itunes libraries

Chrono Sync cannot merge two dissimilar i Tunes libraries.The first step in syncing the Music folder is to create a master i Tunes library on one of the Macs.If you don't already have this setup, just review the 'Setup Steps' in the "Sync The Home Folder Between Macs Using Chrono Sync" Guide.Many of the steps performed can be accomplished by using a standard file sharing connection and you technically don't need to install Chrono Agent.When running any sync, Chrono Sync can archive any changed or deleted files, but it is a lot easier to restore files from a backup rather than restoring from the Chrono Sync archive.

There are other applications that will merge i Tunes Libraries, just search the Mac App Store.However, Chrono Agent offers better performance, security and reliability versus a standard file connection.It also eliminates common problems, such as permission errors, that typically occur when using standard file sharing.The i Tunes Library can be synced back and forth between two Macs as long as a few rules are followed: always run the sync when switching Macs and always run the sync from the same Synchronizer document.Also, this guide assumes you already have Chrono Sync installed on your primary Mac, and Chrono Agent installed on the Mac you will be syncing these folders to.

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