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We’re in an age of world-changing technological wonders—self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, digital currencies, virtual reality, speech recognition that’s more accurate than humans.

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Keep up with this story and more It was a weird feeling to be on the other end of that day’s attacks.I’ve not been able to find any official tally yet, but cyberattacks cost companies 0 billion a year, insurer Lloyd’s of London estimates—and that doesn’t even start to measure the damage from losing customers’ confidence and the rocketing costs to companies now in the arms race to protect their systems from hackers.Attacks like the one on Dyn are by no means the only kind of cybervillain activity. Chang’s all had their systems raided to steal credit card numbers.I think I’d curl up in a ball and watch my cat sleep.Companies afflicted by the Dyn attack must have lost millions of dollars in business.

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