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We are currently renting an apartment across the road from St. I pass it a million times a day going to and from dropping my kids off and picking up from schools. It was fun and the Brothers and teachers were always very kind and good to us.

Have met with Sandra Dutton a few times but otherwise have not really run into anyone. Hope you all are keeping well and look forward to any class reunions in the future!

Want to know more about me check out my website at [Dec. When I left St Laurence’s I went to Ringsend Tech to repeat the Leaving (in the days before you guys did a repeat course which is extremely successful, I see! Anyway, repeated but didn’t do much better (too lazy at the time). Went and worked for a few years in Nixdorf in Bray. Microsoft came in to recruit and I was one of the lucky ones.

’05] Debbie (Beirne) Mc Kenna ’84: Really great to see the website up and running and keeping everyone up-to-date. Was actually shocked though to see so may RIP’s, some from my own year. Started work for Microsoft in ’89 as an editor for their manuals.

Regards to all and to Alan Aston (we had great fun during and after college) Please let me know if any event is coming up.

I would love to attend and meet as many as possible. ’05] It was a real pleasure to come across this site, to see all the names really evoked a lot of memories (and quite an amount of sentimentality).

Met another wonderful man, Andreas, in MS and we got married last year but not before having 2 children together, Max and Alex. But with both of us working in MS, we both couldn’t keep up the travel and the exhausting work hours so when I had Max, I went back after maternity leave but had to call it a day.

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I joined Dublin County Council as a Trainee Inspector and became a Senior Inspector in 1985 based in Swords. We became grandparents for the 2nd time last August. I completed a Diploma in Health and Safety in 1998 and a BSc in Health and Safety Management 2003.

I took the plunge last year and bought a house in Kilcoole. ’05] Denise (Bell) Byrne ’85: Well, what can I say?!

I left school early to find work, I started working in the copying office in UCD and then onto the Studint Union shop which I now co manage with my sister, Attracta.

Well, I’m now living in Scotland and married to Christine.

We have a beautiful daughter, Ebony who is nearly 5 and starting school in August. Shotts, which is a maximum security prison, mainly life prisoners. [May ‘07] Anne-Kirsten (Bowen) Mac Lachlan ’84: Hello to all. Laurence, I went to Trinity to pursue a degree in Science, followed by a Masters in France .

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