Dating drug dealers

In Atlanta she came into her own, but as fate would have it, a family tragedy mandated her return to her North Carolina roots. Naïve to the streets, Tina found herself in love with a fugitive drug dealer and was ultimately sucked into that life.For almost a decade she carried on her boyfriend’s business.With the support of staff, counselors and other women in the program, she has people in her corner to help her through any situation.Tina has found a place of comfort; a place where she is welcomed for who she is, a place where she is encouraged, a place where she is finally at home.“Tonya," like many of our clients, didn’t have positive start in life."One lady, she's old enough to be my mom's mom, and she's addicted. I feel sorry for her." Panizza, of Downingtown, particularly reacted to the story of Louis Rivera, now an assistant manager at Shop Rite's East Norriton store.

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What was missing, some readers wrote, was remorse and compassion for the addicted victims of drug dealers.

She says that she has remained clean and sober, and that with a lot of support and love, things just fell into place for her. She says that Changed Choices has shown her that people outside of her family care about her and love her for who she is.

Now, she says she considers Changed Choices to be family.

Tina spent almost an entire day indulging herself in the pastries—a visitor had dropped them off for the ladies at Changed Choices to enjoy.

Testing positive for opiates while on home confinement landed Tina back in jail for seven months.

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