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They optionally can add bookings themselves, or block dates for any other reason.

Transparency is very important, especially if your valuable property is several thousand kilometers away!

The notary (a highly educated civil law magistrate; fully qualified legal professional) is appointed by the Government.

He or she will take care of all legal settlements regarding the agreement, such as drawing up of the deed of conveyance and perform a thorough title search.

Still, we strongly recommend you to seek our advice, whether buying or selling a property on Bonaire.

Any individual perspective and situation is different after all!

You can call us on 5997827100 (we’re in GMT-4), send us a Whats App message on that same number, or email us through .

We have very little rainfall, less than 22 inches per year and mostly during the nights or early mornings in the months of October, November and December and therefore you will be able to enjoy this island in any time of the year.

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Eustatius and Saba) this whole process can be done verbally as well.

The warmest months are September and October with 31C (88F) during the day and 27C (81F) at night.

So the temperature differences are rather slight and that is a huge advantage when you’re looking for a holiday in the sun: next to these temperatures, we have an average of nine hours sun per day!

Once either the seller or buyer accepts the (counter-)offer from the other party, a purchase and sales agreement has come into effect instantly. It is therefore always recommended to seek our professional advice in this matter.

The broker will subsequently draw up the purchase and sales agreement in which, additional to all agreed to sub-items in the accepted bid, all rights and obligations for both seller and buyer will be stated.

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