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The subject is treated from a collecting point of view, with sufficient historical and technical details to place the art work of the factory in correct perspective in relation to other European factories. In the year 1807 a British Fleet bombarded Copenhagen, and unhappily the bombs did considerable damage to the old porcelain factory in the destruction of a great number of moulds and fine examples of Copenhagen porcelain. It is my hope that the volume as a pioneer work will be found of use for consultation by custodians of collections and by collectors and all those interested in the history of European ceramics. I have given a considerable amount of time to painstaking research with a view to recording facts with accuracy, and the added historical back- ground will enable the English reader to realise the conditions in which the old Copenhagen porcelain was produced. In admiration of the great art of Frantz Heinrich Muller, master-potter of Denmark, I hang up this garland of laurel as a tribute to the genius which has inspired the Royal Copenhagen 7 b PREFACE Porcelain Factory and promulgated traditions which have carried the art of Copenhagen to the highest pinnacle of fame. Connoisseurs have long recognised the need of a volume dealing with a factory of such prestige and distinction as Copenhagen, with an unbroken history from mid-eighteenth-century days, and whose productions to-day claim consideration from those experts and special- ists who are prescient enough to buy for posterity. The contemplation by my readers of the masterpieces of which I speak will repay me for the labour of love in endeavouring to the best of my ability to point out great art existent in our midst, and perhaps unheeded. Queen Juliane Marie Period (Part II., 1780-1796) CHAPTER IV Figure Subjects and Groups (1780-1820) CHAPTER V The Flora Danica Service (i 790-1802) . Made for Catherine II., Empress of Russia CONTENTS CHAPTER VI PAGE Early Blue and White 233 Underglaze Painted Porcelain.

The close relationship between the Danish and the British peoples and the link uniting the royal houses find recognition in the gracious acceptance of the Dedication of this Volume by Her Majesty Queen Alexandra.

de Bille, the late Danish Ambassador at the Court of St. The old is 8 PREFACE represented by a remarkable casket from the collection of J. Decorated in rococo style with panels, and having flowers in strong relief painted in natural colours . .41 In the Collection of Count Moltke, of Bregentved. Vase with turquoise ground and festoons of flowers in high relief. Richly painted with medallions representing classical subjects .

Pierpont Morgan, Esq., and an equally representative type of the modern Renaissance is exemplified in the illustration, in colours, of a delicate vase in the collection of Mrs. I am indebted to the authorities of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Bethnal Green Museum for kindly affording me facilities for having photographs taken of fine examples, and to the executors of the late Sir A. Franks for illustrations of two remarkable Fournier specimens.

To the Trustees of the British Museum I have to express due acknowledgment for permission to reproduce a letter from Admiral Lord Nelson, in facsimile.

I have to record my grateful acknowledgment to the courtesy of Hr.

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