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The troubles, in fact, were probably caused by the inability of one man, however energetic, to control so vast an empire without a developed and well-tried administration.

There is no evidence to suggest that he was particularly harsh, nor that the Sumerians disliked him for being a Semite.

Question: My question is, do you have any insight into the story of Sargon vs. It seems that these tablets from Ashurbanipal are dated much earlier than the account of Moses’ origins written in Exodus.

Ishtar, in whose honour Agade was erected, Sargon of Akkad became the first great empire builder. Although the briefly recorded information of his predecessor Lugalzaggisi shows that expansion beyond the Sumerian homeland had already begun, later Mesopotamians looked to Sargon as the founder of the military tradition that runs through the history of their people.

According to a folktale, Sargon was a self-made man of humble origins; a gardener, having found him as a baby floating in a basket on the river, brought him up in his own calling.

His father is unknown; his own name during his childhood is also unknown; his mother is said to have been a priestess in a town on the middle Euphrates.

Aqqi, the water drawer, raised me as his adopted son. During my garden work, Istar loved me (so that) 55 years I ruled as king. The Law of Moses had been in place, governing Jewish belief, certainly by the time of David, but more likely from the time of the conquest.

The parallels with the account in Exodus includes the keeping secret of the birth, the hiding of the baby in a reed basket covered with tar, the placement of the basket in a river and the discovery and adoption of the baby by an important person. There is plenty of evidence for the conquest, including the Tel el Amarna letters, describing an invasion of the “Habirus” as well as the Shishak inscription, describing the Jews in Canaan in the 13th century, as well as the destructions of Hazor and Jericho at about 1400 BC.

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