Dating vintage fender guitars

I remember playing that little "O'" style guitar, jamming on a California beach.

I was always impressed by how it was able to project and carry a tune, given the circumstances. The Harmony name was a registered Trademark # 627412.

At the height of the guitar boom in the 60's, they were making close to 1000 guitars a day and finding their way into many American homes.

Harmony was one of the largest manufactures of musical instruments.

At this time they were America's only large-scale violin manufacture.

After giving up violin making for 19 years they began again in 1938 to fill the need of the student violinists.

Sears marketed many of the Harmony instruments under the Silvertone label.Along with manufactures like Kay and Regal, Harmony supplied a lot of instruments over the years.I have had many other type of instruments made by Harmony.Into the 50's the graphics changed as with the size of the headstock. Even the color of the logo seemed to change as time went on.When the guitar boom of the 60's happened, the guitars got simpler and more mass-produced.

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