Dating with no friends

Apps such as Tinder, Happn, How Aabout We and Tindog (the dating service for pet owners) along with websites such as RSVP, Plenty of Fish and Oasis are all geared towards finding you company of the adult variety.

When you begin a romantic relationship it’s expected that the person who’s making your heart all fluttery will call you, spend time with you one on one, introduce you to the other significant people in their life and just generally follow a pre-laid out series of steps that allow your relationship to progress. The sting of friendship rejection is also much harder to live through than it’s romantic counterpart.

But when’s the last time your local pub ran a ‘Let’s Just Be Friends and Drink Tasty Brews Together’ night’?

Saying you need to find someone who’ll share love, life and a Netflix password with you is seen as a normal and hopeful endeavour.

You’re Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and every other ingenue who’s ever appeared on the silver screen seeking romance.

I was first introduced to the harsh and uncertain world of friend dating when I graduated from university and said goodbye to the city I’d called home in order to move to a tiny Queensland town to begin my first job.

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