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That is, If you want to become an ‘expert’ with handling women, you just have to MODEL after guys who are ALREADY good at attracting women, who are already achieving the kinds of success you want with women, and that’s it!

Here, you’ll not have 1, but 2 of our community’s LEADING female authorities on dating & attraction who'll unselfishly be sharing with you their most ‘prized’ insights on women's ever-evolving thought-process & turn-ons...

But now that I've gone through the whole package and also read all the tips from all the other authors, I can whole-heartedly recommend it to both my own customers and really to anyone interested in either quickly getting into the game of successfully attracting women or increasing their already existing competence way beyond their wildest dreams.

Worst still, some unlucky, ‘mis-informed’ guys even go to the extent of forking out obscene amounts of money trying to show how “sincere” they are by buying women presents, bringing them to classy joints, etc only to HOPE to "get lucky".

It is something every guy will enjoy reading, and will save and use as a reference guide, referring back to it whenever he has a dating question.

Hi Simon, I've seen just about every dating, romance and sex guide available on the internet.

The “Instant Attraction Program” What I found particularly useful was how the information (all 430 pages of it) is laid out in bite sized pieces allowing the reader to take what is immediately applicable to their situation and use it immediately.

All aspects of attraction and seduction are covered from a massive (and I mean MASSIVE!!!

By obtaining this book, you have taken an important step!

I've had a chance to review and contribute to this new program, and I have to say that Simon has really outdone himself with this new Instant Attraction Program.

Everything from real "inner game" techniques, to factors you should and shouldn't care about (and some you didn't know existed! I've been reading the books and reviewing it for days now, and I'm only halfway through it.

shockwave shook the entire dating scene online when I controversially released one of the Internet’s very first dating & seduction Compilation manuals, collectively bringing together a mind-blowing all-star team of our industry’s fastest-rising Seduction Coaches and challenging them using nothing but this one nasty-ass letter…

Immediately upon it’s release, it blazed all the way up the record charts & quickly became an online best-seller; my phone lines were practically jammed with calls from book publishers; all frantically fighting for exclusive rights to distribute it across every major book chain and local stores around the world, but best of all -- You see, ever since that fateful day, PILES of mails started stacking up my doorstep, I got phone call after phone call from dating book publishers practically begging me to release a brand NEW compilation, and a Getting everyone to commit to this entire project was like trying to herd barn cats into a minivan. And when you get this much raw talent together in one place at one time, things can get intense. task to track, hunt down, convince and coax these "under-the-radar" Experts to come forward and commit their time, effort and energy to reveal EVERY little 'secret' technique with women they’ve worked so hard to research, tweak & fine-tune to what they are today.

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