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"How your company's going to take over the world is no longer something you talk about "And fancy dinners? "There's not the same cachet to being a dotcom CEO or a director of business development," continues Stern, himself a director of business development.

Personal ads have also undergone a sea change – or at least an e-change – growing more numerous and more humble.

benefits."And where women once demanded men with impeccable social skills, they're now focusing on "his values, if he's interested in family" – and are more open to "nerds."Since tech stocks tumbled, Paiva's business has soared.

It was a heady frontier of newfound gold, a realm of fast profits and fast people.

At a music TV show Baekhyun was hosting, some members of the audience chanted "traitor, traitor, traitor".

Vic said the mooncake is the most expensive thing she's ever bought.

Gone are the Gatsby-esque parties and use of job titles as pickup lines.

In the wake of dotcom breakups, many singles are trying harder to build long-term relationships in their personal lives. The saga of courtship here, in America's capital of new wealth, is a parable of the cultural excesses that can accompany sudden riches – and the realignment that results when wide-eyed dreams collapse.

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