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The data is based on Statista's Global Consumer Survey.The Users by income box shows the income distribution of users of the selected market (market segment, region) in tertiles.Values shown are only based on survey respondents who answered the question regarding their income.The Users by gender box shows the gender distribution of users of the selected market (market segment, region).That law protects internet platform providers from being held legally liable for what others post on their websites.That protection will be weakened by a bill that Congress passed last month, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, also known as Fosta.Internet firms and advocates for free speech online had opposed Fosta, arguing that it would lead to censorship and was not necessary because the federal government already had the ability to prosecute people who used the internet to facilitate prostitution.Last year, a coalition of state and territorial attorneys general asked Congress to make it easier for state and local law enforcement officials to investigate and prosecute online facilitators of child sex trafficking.

While President Trump has not yet signed Fosta into law, Craigslist has already responded to the bill’s passage by taking down its personal ads section.

The following Key Market Indicators give an overview of the demographic, economic and technological development of the selected region on the basis of general KPIs.

The calculation of Statista’s Market Outlook is based on a complex market-driver logic including over 400 region-specific data sets.

Two examples are and POF, these platforms focus on casual contacting and easy flirting among its members.

“Casual Dating” comprises online services for the establishment of sexually oriented contacts outside of romantic relationships.

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