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“You just get caught up in the life and times of Dave Grohl.” Here’s more. He was sent to the school shrink for trying to kill Loverboy.“In my neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia, there was a guy, Jimmy Swanson – we were like brothers. I was too skinny to be in the Army and too stupid to be in the government – or too smart. ‘We’re committed to something here.'” Shiflett: “Yeah. When we do shit like that, obviously we all intend not to go anywhere anytime soon.” 9. Vig: “He used to get stage fright, really uptight, before a show. I’d be backstage with him, and he’d be like, ‘Man, let’s have a shot of Jagermeister.’ Or talking: ‘Hey, I’ve got this idea.’ Somebody would go, ‘Dave, time to play.’ He’d get up, throw his guitar on and twenty second later, Foo Fighters were playing a song.

We both fell in love with the guitar when we were eight or nine years old. I discovered the B-52’s and Devo; he was going off to Loverboy and Def Leppard. I’d draw Devo killing with Loverboy with laser guns. Grohl never expected to leave Springfield, Virginia.“I was a manual-labor worker, doing masonry and working at a furniture warehouse. There were not a lot of career opportunities for me. “I had this conversation with the school shrink that time I got sent in: ‘What are you going to do with your life? And her first reaction was, ‘You only want to do that because you know where the drugs are.'” “The low E string is the kick drum. He didn’t need to be isolated, do a warm-up ritual.

Finally, one of my producers said, ‘Look, the only way we’re going to get this footage is if you help this guy propose to his girlfriend.’ I said, ‘Okay, you got it. ’ I sat in front of the camera and said, ‘Hi, blah-blah-blah, so-and-so really wants to marry you,’ and sent it to her. The hardest thing about the job is getting fired.”Hawkins: “Dave’s not the buddy-buddy guy, We don’t talk on the phone all the time. ’ But he wants to be surrounded by people he knows.

He had a sleepless night, then came in and slayed it in one take [without the click]. Grohl worked hard to raise money to make the series.“I was on the phone conferencing with agencies and corporations, trying to round up money to do this. We were having trouble getting footage of Hurricane Katrina for the New Orleans episode. The hardest thing about being in Foo Fighters: Bassist Nate Mendel: “It’s a joke in the crew.

He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.

In my eyes, he's been in for 14 years or something.” Even though the jet-setting celebrity life is clearly a busy one, London-based Pillow still finds the time to make her way back to Malta every now and then.

The day Grohl jammed with Prince:“Foo Fighters recorded this version of [Prince’s] “Darling Nikki’ in Taylor’s basement. “Then three years ago, Prince books 21 nights at the Forum [in L. I walk into the Forum Club and bump into somebody from a road crew I’d work with before. He wants to jam.’ The end of the night, I’m standing next to this black curtain. I go, ‘Hey, man, great show.’ He says, ‘When do you want to jam? Friday comes around and I just go down there for soundcheck. Then he puts on a guitar and starts playing [Led Zeppelin’s] ‘Whole Lotta Love’.

Courtney Love discussed her up and down friendship with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in a new GQ interview.Originally a sales assistant from San Ġwann, Christine Pillow had won the Maltese Ford Supermodel of the World Award back in 2005, which had seen the then 18-year-old fly to New York to compete for a 0,000 modelling contract.One year later, Pillow also became the face of Diet Coke.At one point, I thought, ‘I know how to play drums. He just goes, ‘I gotta go play a show now.’ You get the sense that he’s so at ease with that. Then the year Prince plays the Super Bowl., we get the call: ‘He’s doing one of your songs.’ In the middle of this medley, he does ‘Best of You’ [on 2005’s ]. I’ll learn to read music, become a session drummer and from that money, I’ll put myself back through school.” I wanted to have a kickass job downtown, in Washington, D. You would never suspect that he has his own inner terrors or anxieties.” 10. We thought we should put it out as a special feature on a DVD. He turns it into this gospel-rock experience that blows our version out of the water. I go to the first show, in a party bus with all my friends, boozing it up. “For a week, I held that cellphone, on vibrate, waiting for it to ring.

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