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From there he traveled to a variety of clubs in the U. and across Europe until he landed a gig as an evening rock show host at a radio station in Austria.“Getting into radio was one of my dreams as a kid because when I grew up in England there was so little radio because the government controlled it,” he said.“My wife was very forgiving with what I wrote because there was a lot of sex in it.She said ‘We’ve all got backgrounds.’ Then she started reading the book and added ‘But you’re a man whore.’ It was very cathartic and exciting to write, especially as I was writing about the early years when I was a disco DJ, traveling around the world. 24 Where: Sea Legs Live, 17851 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach Tickets: general admission; VIP and Cabana and Fire Pit also available for groups of 10-12 at Sea Legs

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I thought it would be great because I wasn’t a musician and that it would be an awesome way to meet girls.” Blade really wanted to be a radio DJ in Los Angeles, but was told he’d never be hired because of his English accent.

Blade is also releasing his autobiography, titled “World in My Eyes” after one of his favorite Depeche Mode songs, on Nov. In the book he shares pictures and stories from his times with a variety of artists, but really, he said, it’s also about the three great loves in his life.

“The first being one at college, the second being Terri Nunn from Berlin and the third is my wife, now,” he said.

“The moment I opened on the microphone at KROQ, I knew how important that was going to be,” he said. The station at the time had been struggling for an identity, but it had all this talent in place with Jed the Fish, Freddy Snakeskin, Dusty Street, Rodney on the ROQ and Rich Carroll, the greatest programmer in the world.

By pure luck I just fit in so well because there was so much English music happening at the time and I was an English guy.

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