Double your dating man transformation pdf

Most likely, you don’t have a trainer to do this, so remember: All self-improvement begins in the mind.Listen to yourself making excuse, then stay strong & push through.Then, to bulk like the Asgardian, add ~500 calories to that number to create a calorie surplus.As you can see above, those calories are not coming from fast foods either.If yes, then let's dive deep into the nitty gritty of this Thor Ragnarok inspired workout program, so you too can get jacked enough to battle against the Incredible Hulk and Hela (the Queen of the Dead).As mentioned, this isn't Chris Hemsworth's actual workout.This by itself can serve as an extremely potent source of motivation, don't you think?If he bailed out or put in half-assed effort, he would go down in the cinematic history as a tiny Thor, get ridiculed on the internet, lose his face, never be hired as an actor again…

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So far we covered the training program and nutrition. Having a mindset to become Thor is all too important and you probably won't get too far if you don't get that on point.

maybe not as tragic, but you get my point - his career was depending on it.

Having a very strong “why” can fuel your motivation like nothing else.

This workout can put a huge amount of strain on your muscles.

Good news is that you most likely have more time than Chris had (He had to get jacked in 6 months).

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