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Parking at the Clarion for Breyer Fest After Dark will be limited.

In an effort to ease congestion and traffic, we are running shuttles from select area hotels AND the Kentucky Horse Park parking lots between 5 pm and 10 pm.

Inside two of them, scientists found not just human remains but the remains of what covered those humans.

I’m talking about clothes, and not just any clothes: pants.

And so, enter pants, which were also warmer as these people expanded northward.

When the Romans wore loose pants, they gave them a nice name: , a word that later became the English “breeches.” And after the Romanics lost their military dominance despite their attire, the people in charge of Europe were full-on horse-riding pants-lovers.

The shuttles will be picking up at Front Gate/Ticket Booth and Alltech Arena (front doors) only.

Feel free to leave your car where it is and take a ride over to the Clarion.

They’re tailored wool, and constructed from sewn-together pieces of uncut fabric.

The Greco-Roman fun-making stopped, though, around the time those civilized statue-builders realized that mounted soldiers—cavalry—had a huge advantage over average-heighted people running around on their own two feet.

To maintain military dominance, they needed to get atop the equines, to avoid tangling their tunics, and to protect their nether regions.

Shuttles will pick and up drop off from the Convention Center entrance at the Clarion.

Beginning at 5 pm on Friday and Saturday, two shuttles will be running a loop from the Kentucky Horse Park parking lots to the Clarion Hotel North.

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