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Ken for Hotwifeblog: That reality comes across in your videos. I love meeting a cuckold couple after having only spoken to them on the phone or chatted with them online.

When they describe what they want, I always immediately ask about their experience level.

I want to know their threshold, because, as a dominant black man, I’m going to push any white wife to her absolute limit.

Nothing, I mean nothing, turns me on more than having both a beautiful, white wife and a loving husband want me to treat her like a total white sub-slut-whore.

A swinger is a bed-post notcher while a lifestyler is interested in friendship outside of the bedroom.

It’s total domination, but understand that, with many couples, when the sex is done, we are friends and go out together socially.

Thanks for this interview Art and for your work on it too Ken, it’s always great to have a different perspective that others can bring to the table. ——————————- Ken for Hotwifeblog: The first video I saw of you opened with you staring directly at the camera, confident as the cock of the walk; you said something like, “we’re going to introduce another soccer-mom, housewife into the world of interracial passion.” Then, this very mild mannered woman came out. Our role-play works because EVERYONE is getting what they want.

She was dressed conservatively and was obviously nervous. Once it starts, I’m the boss, but that’s how everyone wants it.

I use her EXACTLY as I see fit from the instant they walk through the door.

They want me to do that every bit as much as I want to do it myself. Ken for Hotwifeblog: And how do you typically see fit to use her? Sometimes, I let him come to our table while I kiss and fondle her.

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    If all he wants is the romantic part of a relationship and he isn’t willing to be a friend to you, then he’s not worth it.

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