Fake dating phone number

Make it easier on yourself or your business - get a virtual number in New York City.The Big Apple - the financial capital of the world and the most exciting city on the planet! But you may not be ready to blow the budget on a new office and staff there just yet. With one of our numbers, your customers can reach you anywhere in the world, in any time zone - all for the price of a local call.Phox gives you a seven-day free trial, and then after that, it's .95 for 100 texts.Glass half-full, it sounds like a cool way to help women feel safer and protect their privacy.After a minute, pick the receiver back up to make sure the line is clear (you'll hear the dial tone again), then press *57 .

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So basically people can text you at your fake number, you'll receive it on your real phone, and when you reply, it'll still look it's coming from that fake number.

And if anyone calls you, it'll just ring like it's busy.

If you're not a Tinder person, just think about all of the borderline skeezy Craigslist transactions you've had, or times you've worried about whether or not that car service guy is saving your phone number to creepily text you later, or even just waned to give a fake number when you have to sign up for something online.

No matter where you are in the world, you can always be easy to reach.

Using our online control center, you can have customers’ calls forwarded to your office or mobile phone, or even your PBX.

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