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Talk to your teen about appropriate relationships and what to watch for when committed to one.Teenagers are young and inexperienced; while they think they know what's best, a parent can see emotional destruction long before the teen feels it.Talking to your teenager about how to say no and when to leave a situation can help her understand when she is being pressured.The Guttmacher Institute notes that nearly half of American teens are sexually active, and too often this is the result of pressure.A teen relationship, even a casual one, can wreak havoc on your teen's grades.Spending time with his girlfriend and neglecting homework, or even skipping school together, can take his focus off the important things and cause his grades to slip.Any American high school is teeming with hormones, unrequited love, pressure and relationships.The teenage years can be confusing to many, parents included.

When teens are participants in a relationship, a variety of problems can arise that make teens feel pressured, stressed out and even neglectful of other responsibilities.

Despite talk of Joy-Anna Duggar breaking courtship rules, and signs of hope like Jinger wearing shorts, these guidelines ain't no joke.

Here are 21 things the Duggars specifically do not allow ...

Your teen should understand that relationships are a privilege, and that his education comes first.

Too often teens enter into a relationship before they love even themselves, which turns into dependency.

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