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After deciding the course work was far simpler than she had expected, Sam raised the standards of her goals significantly and went on to complete her law degree at Florida State University . Special Agent Valiant's first posting was to an office in her old stomping grounds; she was assigned to the Miami Field Office. At the time, she was twenty-six, stood five-feet-eleven-inches tall in her bare feet, and weighed in at one hundred and sixty-five pounds.

She easily passed her Florida Board of Bar Examiners test and became a legally practicing attorney. interview team and she was accepted as a trainee at the F. Solid muscle packed into an athlete's body, Sam found time every day to drive herself to exhaustion with a grueling two-hour workout. agents, Sam's style of dress was conservative and immaculate.

Sam had been building a complicated set of interconnection diagrams between telephone numbers of possible suspects in a series of drug-related murders in Miami , Florida .

The charts tied personalities, phones, locations, and in some cases, taped cell intercepts and wiretaps of conversations.

With her intelligence and focused dedication proven, Samantha Valiant easily wowed the F. Through college, and later working for the FBI, Sam budgeted money for her gym membership and a personal trainer to hold her to her exacting standards. She always wore a dark tailored jacket, usually expensive white blouses, and either a matching skirt or slacks.

Despite her solid build, Samantha Louis Valiant had a body to die for with wide hips and a perfectly sculpted ass, an amazingly tiny waist, and natural hooters that a Las Vegas callgirl would have paid tens of thousands of dollars to have. Sam wore panties, pantyhose, and a camisole top to work every day regardless of her choice of skirt or slacks and she wore footwear that was comfortable at a sprint or during her normal fourteen-hour-workday.

It's a fucking disaster having to work with these Neanderthal morons, she thought.

The first incident was at the legal office of an attorney suspected of laundering funds for the Oscar Lynden Organization, she mumbled aloud.Samantha was, in common terms, and had a body that every man in the field office dreamed of trading their souls to possess, even for a single night. Amazingly, Sam didn't own a single set of sexy underwear, alluring eveningwear, or glamorous outfits for the bedroom; instead, she was business personified, focusing solely on work, and taking no time off for vacations or relaxation.Sam, not even remotely interested in dating or a relationship of any kind, was extremely protective of her privacy and coldly rebuffed any attempt by her horny colleagues to get to know her. Several things about the clearly related murders and disappearances in her current case were very troubling to Sam.Ignoring Sam's breasts, her chest measurement alone was a solid thirty-eight inches of muscle.Plopping D-cup jugs atop a chest that rivaled a male gymnast, gave Samantha Louise Valiant a whopping 44-D bra size. agents lost at least thirty IQ points when they noticed her massive mammaries.

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