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When the deal between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson fell apart, Harry designed this new model, the TE-20, which was built by the Standard Motor Company in Coventry, England.Between 19, approxmiately 517,651 of these tractors had been built. It has the ford flat head 226 engine, with the cast Iron pan, not the I beam type Engine runs very well, and the trans and hydro function as they should.Both of the new tractors had a different feel, like driving a Ford tractor.I rember that their was a change of ownership,or management at this time in the Company. I was 10 when the new models came out I rember the company gave away motor bikes and sewing machines with a new tractor.hello i just bought what i think is a 1953 Fordson Major deisel tractor but i cant find the serial # on it and it has an aftermarket loader that i am trying to find seals for. will be greatly appreciated.cable fix on this tractor for select o shift..I filed both sides and center area down until I was at the steel cable.once you have filed the repair area down to fit the guide tube make sure tube is streight lube and slide the cable back into the tube. for those who say this cant be done your are welcome to check mine out as this is now the strongest part of my shift system.

Peninsula, Oh I recenly purchased a 1961 761 speed-o-matic Ford tractor. would help thank a m-f 65 diesel sndw703411 ser#;engine #2974698 four wheels can be used for two rowe but i use mostley one rowe, bush hog and some time harrow very good on diesel tires are good body is good needs new paint think has original would like to fix it up to show but am 84 it run very good had it about 15 years make me offer waycross ga 31503 806 waring st.i ialso installed a ignition coil an im pretty sure that b4 i removede the old one the positive terminal went to the points but just need verification of that any help would be nice i cant seem to get fire to the points.thanks Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the Center member and the Front support, and/or a backhoe for a 1955 Fordson Major Diesel that they would like to sell If you do please call me at 208 587-7647. I have a early 60 s model Ford 2000 Super Dexta for sale.My husband passed away so I don t know anything about it It hasn t been started in years. if they use the wrong settings it will smoke bad enough to kill all the mosquitoes for miles. Started driving a Model L when I was 11 years old, pulling a Baldwin Combine that my Dad was operating.I live in Montana so if anyone is interested you can call 406-679-7907Any injection pump shop should be able to rebuild your pump. both the 56 and the 58 should be the larger 8 mm pump. We then moved to eastern CO and I started plowing sod on a 2 section farm driving the same Model L. Skelton, was the first Case dealer in Hereford, TX.i have installed points on my neighbors ford 8n its the new style bc the distributor is a side mount.

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