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In addition, child sexual abuse survivors report higher rates of substance abuse, binge eating, somatization, and suicidal behaviors than nonabused subjects.

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse report poorer social and interpersonal relationship functioning, greater sexual dissatisfaction, dysfunction and maladjustment including high-risk sexual behavior, and a greater tendency toward revictimization through adult sexual assault and physical partner violence.

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The long-term correlates of child sexual abuse are conceptualized within a theoretical framework based on a theory of emotional avoidance.

Although more recent empirical findings have demonstrated improved designs and methodology, these studies continue to be limited in their generalizability.

The focus of this paper is a review of the long-term correlates of child sexual abuse published since 1987.

Sexually abused subjects report higher levels of general psychological distress and higher rates of both major psychological disorders and personality disorders than nonabused subjects.

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